Field trip to the Matanuska Valley by students in Geography 205, Physical Geography.

University of Alaska, Chugiak-Eagle River Campus.


Start of the hike up Bodenburg Butte.

Summit of Bodenburg Butte. No wild, a bit of snow, and glorious sunshine.

View from the top of Bodenburg Butte overlooking the subdivision where the Matanuska River has been washing homes away.

All together now.

Doing the Wave.

Extent of erosion in 2008.

Remnant of a home.

Early attempt at controlling erosion with junked cars.

New river diversion boulder barrier built since last year's field trip.

River diversion?

Will this rock wall tame the river?

Finding the best fossil beds.


All smiles now, while digging in the follsil mines.

Finding any fossils?

Dog to sniff out fossils.

Small caol seam.


Fossil find.

Fossils found.

Fossils found.

Photos by Bjarne Holm